NetDocuments Powered by GDSI

Law firms leveraging Clio’s cloud-based case management system and NetDocuments document management solution require a simple and effective way to work between solutions. This integration allows you to view Matter documents from NetDocuments and synchronize Client and Matter data from Clio to NetDocuments.

Note: This integration is an alternative to Clio’s no-cost solution. This GDSI powered solution offers customization and automation between both solutions.

Key Features

  • - Automatically syncs Client and Matter data from Clio to NetDocuments
    - Supports an unlimited number of Cabinets
    - Maps custom Client Code field to specific Cabinet Client Key
    - Maps the Matter Number field to specific Cabinet Matter Key
    - Create Workspaces automatically based on Clio custom fields
    - Support for custom settings and actions using GDSI’s development services
    - Introduce a consistent NetDocuments experience representing the NetDocuments first-class user interface
    - Accommodates all browsers
    - Simple and fast setup, takes minutes