NetDocuments Powered by GDSI

Instantly sync Client and Matter data
Available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $5 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Align Client and Matter data from Clio to your DMS

    No buttons to click, automatically occurs when a new Client and Matter are added in Clio.
  • View your NetDocuments documents from within a web browser, when selecting a Matter in Clio.

    By opening a Matter in Clio, you can click on our More Actions button and launch a new browser tab to view all NetDocuments documents.
  • Synchronize all security from Clio to NetDocuments

    Whatever security you define in Clio, for a given Matter, we can synchronize to NetDocuments, including memberships to groups.

How NetDocuments Powered by GDSI works with Clio

  • This integration allows you to view Matter documents from NetDocuments and synchronize Client and Matter data from Clio to NetDocuments.

    Note: This integration is an alternative to Clio’s no-cost solution. This GDSI powered solution offers customization and automation between both solutions.

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