Jubilee BK

JubileeBK is an intuitive online bankruptcy software for the legal professional. Easily navigate between Clio and Jubilee to prepare the official bankruptcy forms, run plan and exemption calculations, and file electronically in all Bankruptcy Courts across the country.

The Clio-Jubilee integration allows bankruptcy lawyers to continue to use Clio as their firm’s management software while using Jubilee to file bankruptcy petitions without having to worry about constantly updating their data. All common information will be kept in sync between Clio and Jubilee, including matter details, clients, notes, activities, tasks, and calendar events.

A simple click of the Jubilee action button in your Clio matter will seamlessly transition you from Clio to Jubilee.

Jubilee’s pricing structure is perfect for high-volume firms with our monthly or annual subscription or the occasional filer with our pay-as-you-go option.

Key Features

  • - Easy, intuitive data entry for all required Official Forms
    - Step-by-step electronic filing
    - Means test manager and allowance calculations
    - State and Federal exemption calculator
    - Chapters 7, 11 and 13 filings
    - Chapter 13 plan calculator
    - Compliant with CM/ECF
    - Credit report integration and importing

    Pay-Per-Case: $59/case
    JubileeBK Package: $71/month (one month free for an annual subscription)