Collections and Credit Control made simple.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Faster Payments

    We design an optimal collection strategy to deal with your overdue invoices and ensure you get paid faster.
  • Save Client Relationships

    We retain your client relationships with our friendly payment reminders. We find the best time, channel, and content to reach your clients.
  • Save time and money

    Stop wasting your team's time on chasing overdue invoices. Focus your resources on high value-added activities instead.

How Kolleno works with Clio

  • Forget about chasing late payments and manual credit control processes with Clio’s Kolleno integration. We automate key collections and credit control functions and use intelligent omnichannel communication to recover outstanding payments.

    Connecting your Clio’s account to Kolleno, it will allow you to automate your outbound communication to clients via various communication channels. You can tailor collection strategies to each of your client with automated payment reminder sequences and personalised message templates from Kolleno Software.

    Kolleno solutions are designed to provide you with a full overview of your accounts receivables, reconcile accounts with ease, and benefit from valuable data insights into your customers’ behaviours.

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