A beautiful, easy to use way to automate your law firm’s documents.

With Clio and LawCloud you can automate your proprietary documents, reducing the time spent drafting and editing documents. Information in one document transfers over to multiple documents to avoid errors and save time—complete with custom fields and default languages to streamline your document drafting process.


Key Features

  • White Label Solution
    - LawCloud allows your firm to keep your own branding and establish a technology portal for your clients to increase efficiency in drafting documents.

    System Can Handle Your Documents
    - LawCloud is capable of handling your own firm’s proprietary documents. We work with firms handling their own complex documents so they can deliver an efficient and sophisticated solution to clients.

    Suite of Financing Documents
    - We can assist firms that do not have a large suite of documents by providing access to a library of professionally drafted documents and a system to efficiently deliver solutions to your clients.