LawLytics is the leading website system for small law firms that want their online marketing to work without wasting time or money. Unlike marketing agencies, LawLytics adapts as the law firm’s needs evolve, so lawyers never overpay. Unlike general website software, LawLytics was built for lawyers, so law firms won’t struggle or miss opportunities.

With your firm’s monthly LawLytics membership (which costs less than one average billable attorney hour, plus a reasonable one-time setup fee) you can get results that would cost you thousands per month elsewhere. As a LawLytics member, you don’t need to worry about the design or technical aspects of building and maintaining a world-class website. LawLytics takes care of those things for you. You’ll get a cutting-edge law firm website that you can easily edit. Your membership will include everything that you need to effectively market your law firm online.

It’s easy to get started with LawLytics. If you have an existing website, LawLytics will import it into their system for you. This often results in instant design and site-performance improvements. If you are starting a new website, LawLytics will build it for you using the same methodology they have used to build other category-leading law firm websites.

LawLytics works optimally through every stage of your law firm’s growth. Whether you are just getting started, or want to dominate your market, LawLytics scales to meet the present and future needs of your firm. You can change levels of service on the fly, so your law firm will never need to commit to more than you need, and you’ll always get the right level of service at the right time.

Key Features

  • With the LawLytics-to-Clio integration, there’s no need to redundantly enter new client or lead information that comes in through your website into Clio Manage or Clio Grow. The integration saves you time and eliminates the potential for data entry mistakes that can occur when manually transferring information.

    With LawLytics, you don’t need to be a web design or marketing expert. LawLytics handles the design and technical aspects of building and maintaining a world-class website for you. You’ll get a cutting-edge law firm website that is easy to edit. The easy-to-use system allows your law firm to create an unlimited number of customizable forms that can be placed anywhere on your website. When a form is completed by a client or potential client, the information is stored in LawLytics and optionally emailed to designated firm members.

    When you use the LawLytics-to-Clio integration, your website forms are connected to your Clio Manage or Clio Grow account (no need to install plugins that can slow down websites and cause security issues). The integration makes it simple for your firm to collect information from leads and clients on your website.

    You can seamlessly connect information submitted via forms to Clio Grow's Lead Inbox, convert potential new clients, and begin the intake process without duplicate data entry required.

    You can choose to have form submissions automatically added to Clio Manage, or can add form information on a submission-by-submission basis.