Lawmatics is the first marketing automation, intake management and CRM platform specifically for law firms. Lawmatics automates the entire intake process while also providing automated customer journeys designed to turn your old book of business into new business. With the Lawmatics-Clio integration, the handoff from lead to client is seamless!

Key Features

  • Seamless handoff from lead to active matter - It’s fantastic to manage your leads in Lawmatics. However, once they hire your firm and you are ready to open the matter in Clio, you don’t want to have to duplicate all the data you’ve collected in Lawmatics. Now, the matter and contact will automatically be created in Clio once the lead is converted in Lawmatics.

    The Clio-Lawmatics integration makes it possible to automatically create matters and contacts in Clio upon the conversion of a Lawmatics lead. This integration provides law firms with a complete and seamless flow, from the moment a lead contacts your firm to the moment they sign the fee agreement and become a client, there is virtually no administrative effort needed. Having the power of Lawmatics’ automation tools, custom forms, reporting and more, seamlessly coupled with Clio’s robust practice management and time tracking functionality provides law firms with a workflow unlike any they’ve ever had before, allowing them to be productive, increase their client volume, and practice better.