The Crypto, NFT and Blockchain eDiscovery System for Legal Professionals
Available in the United States
Starting at $50 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Instantly add blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise to your firm’s credentials with secure and private access to seven blockchains and over 13,000 crypto and blockchain tokens.
  • Create projects for each matter then search, save, annotate and tag relevant crypto wallets, transactions, charts, NFTs and news articles.
  • Send any wallet, transaction, NFT, chart or news article directly to a designated folder in any matter in Clio in seconds for use alongside other case documents.

How Leaguewell works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Manage to quickly and easily send Crypto Wallets, Transactions, Charts, NFTs and News to your matter in Clio.

    Find relevant crypto wallets, transactions, charts, NFT or news items. Simply click the export icon and select your client, matter and folder in Clio Manage to instantly send the item to Clio in PDF format.

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