Legal Ninja

Triple efficiency by automating manual data entry
Available in the United States
Starting at FREE

Key benefits for your firm

  • Increase your law firm’s efficiency by 327%

    Replace manual data entry with automation so your law firm can be more accurate and faster
  • Avoid costly data entry mistakes

    Reduce click points and locations where data must be entered, reducing the likelihood of error
  • Free up your staff to do higher value work

    Leave the boring, mundane, repetitive work to Legal Ninja so your staff can focus more on your clients

How Legal Ninja works with Clio

  • Don’t manually do tasks in Clio. Automate them!

    Create a template in Legal Ninja, select the case matter and hit Run. Legal Ninja will do all the above automatically for you!

    No more:
    – Editing custom fields
    – Renaming & uploading files
    – Creating calendar entries
    – Generating tasks list and document templates

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