Build relationships–and your practice–with the first-of-its-kind client happiness platform.
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Turn happy clients into vocal advocates

    It's a fact: 81% of prospective clients shopping for a lawyer seek a referral of some kind.* Keep current and past clients happy, and turn them into active referral sources through regular communications that feel genuine (because they are). *Clio 2021 Legal Trends Report
  • Get white-glove service–and measurable results

    Don't know what to say? Check out Levitate email suggestions tailored to your practice areas. Still don't know what to say? Your dedicated Success Specialist will work to understand your business goals and partner with you to develop an individualized email strategy. With average 50%+ open rates and 10%+ reply rates, our content is sure to deliver.
  • Access a one-stop-shop for client engagement

    Why use multiple applications when you only need one? In addition to our email technology, leverage Levitate’s survey feature to gauge your clients’ current level of satisfaction. While you’re at it, take advantage of our texting and meeting booking tools–and make your life easier and your clients’ experience more efficient.

How Levitate works with Clio

  • Levitate + Clio

    The Clio Manage integration takes 15 seconds to enable and automatically loads in your active and inactive clients (or all your contacts from Clio if you prefer) and creates tags and Key Facts in Levitate to help you target your messaging and stay top of mind. Daily syncing ensures contacts are kept fresh and changes (Case Closed!) are up-to-date. Notes taken in Levitate automatically push back to the contact file in Clio so there’s no need for data duplication.

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