Lexop helps legal professionals increase billable hours by automating a very dominant aspect of their practice: legal communication. Forget faxes, registered mail, and process servers – join thousands of attorneys across North America who are serving, sharing, and collecting documents electronically with Lexop. What’s more? You’ll enjoy real-time tracking of your transmissions and the ability to generate a legally verifiable proof of delivery.

Lexop makes it easy for you to:

  • Serve documents electronically and know instantly when your recipients have received and opened your emails – and get a proof report to back it up.
  • Share large files securely to any email address without worrying about size restrictions and inbox-clogging.
  • Request and collect specific documents without forcing your clients to go through complex portals or data rooms.
  • Obtain anyone’s consent to any request, demand, or contract with the click of a button.

Lexop is a game-changing all-in-one document exchange platform that provides proof of delivery, tracks interactions in real-time, and ensures compliance with all rules of civil procedure across North-America. With features like E-Service (certified email), Large File Transfer, Doc Collect, and Ask Consent, your firm will digitize its workflow and customer experience.


Key Features

  • Lexop allows you to serve legal documents via email, track in real-time the status of their delivery, and manage all your compliance.

    • Select documents in Clio and serve them via Lexop as if it were a process server, courier, or bailiff (legally valid electronic service of process/documents).
    • Transfer large files from Clio securely without clogging your inbox or your recipient’s.
    • Autofill matter information from Clio directly to Lexop.
    • Collect documents from clients and colleagues easily and securely without going through complex client portals and sync them with your Clio matters instantly.
    • Track in real-time all documents that have been sent from Clio via Lexop.

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