Helping firms save valuable time by simplifying the way they serve, share, and collect documents. Lexop simplifies the entire process and adds the reliability you need. We’re the communication suite that gives you your time back, so you can focus on activities that bring value to you and your clients.

Key Features

  • Lexop allows you to serve, share, and collect legal documents via email, track in real-time the status of their delivery, and manage all your compliance.

    • Select documents in Clio and serve them via Lexop as if it were a process server, courier, or bailiff (legally valid electronic service of process/documents).
    • Transfer large files from Clio securely without clogging your inbox or your recipient’s.
    • Autofill matter information from Clio directly to Lexop.
    • Collect documents from clients and colleagues easily and securely without going through complex client portals and sync them with your Clio matters instantly.
    • Track in real-time all documents that have been sent from Clio via Lexop.