LEX Reception for Clio Manage

LEX Reception is a live, professional, boutique answering service focused on answering calls for small and medium-sized law firms We can send messages via email and text, patch calls, and scheduling consultations. Always open with 24/7/365 coverage with English and Spanish always available. Never any contracts or set up fees.

Key Features

  • Integration highlights
    - Once we take a message or collect a new client intake for you, that information then integrates LEX and Clio Manage on the backend and pushes the information into your Clio Manage inbox.
    - Eliminate the time spent on the data entry, we will do that for you! (There is no additional charge for this feature.) Your dedicated Account Manager can set this up during onboarding.
    - We give our clients access to enable the integration manually via the online dashboard. When systems talk to each other the firm can thrive and employees can spend more time on more valuable things.