Send Express and First Class Mail from Clio
Available in the United States
Starting at $2.99 flat fee USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Instant Clio Integration

    Mailform Integrates with Clio to help you send unpaid invoices and other documents without dealing with envelopes, stamps or the post office again. Our services are available in the USA and we’re currently expanding international delivery.
  • Enhanced Tracking Options

    Support for USPS Priority Express, USPS Priority, and USPS Certified mail tracking, with both electronic and physical return receipts for one or all documents. Get notifications when your mail has been sent and received.
  • No subscription fees and wide range of options

    - Pay only for what you send! - Print in color, use single sided printing or elect for your invoices or documents to be sent in a flat envelope. - Add a return envelope, inserted directly into your outbound mail to promote repayment.

How Mailform works with Clio

  • Mailform implements print and mail services: customers can upload a PDF, provide sender and recipient addresses, and then pick from a range of options including color printing, single or double-sided printing, USPS Certified mail (great for legal mailings), or USPS Priority or Express mailing (great for urgent mailings). We provide print, envelope stuffing, handoff to the USPS, and return tracking information. Streamline your processes by never touching stamps again!

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