Medilenz Services

Medical Summaries, Medical Opinions and Demand Letters with past and future medical expenses by off-shore MDs.
Available in the United States
$30 USD / Hour

Key benefits for your firm

  • Organize your medical records into Medical Chronologies, Timelines, Expense Sheets

    Medilenz organizes the medical records that support or negate medically related litigation into concise and easy to read chronological summaries. Frees up your staff and you can bill the expense to your files. Just upload your medical records into our HIPAA compliant portal and your requested service will be delivered back to you within 2 weeks. Estimates provided upon request.
  • Demand Letters drafted by lawyers and physicians

    Demand letters outline material facts of your case, including the injuries suffered, past medical expenses, future medical costs, loss of income, and loss of services. Never draft another demand letter!
  • Medical Opinions drafted by physicians located in India who follow US Medical Standard of Care

    Medical Opinions ($50 per hour) are written by physicians in India let you know whether or not there was a deviation in the standard of care that your client received and whether a medical malpractice case should be filed. Estimates upon request.

How Medilenz Services works with Clio

  • Seamless integration with Clio Case Management for Document Review

    • Integrate with Medilenz App on Clio and choose a password
    • Directly share documents from clio document manager for review
    • Dedicated customer support and Direct billing from Medilenz
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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up

    If you need detailed instructions on connecting Medilenz to Clio, you may visit this site.

  • Additional support

    Contact Medilenz’ support at [email protected] or call us at 215-219-1388