Bankruptcy Software for the Modern Attorney®

NextChapter is a cloud-based application created specifically for bankruptcy attorneys. NextChapter allows you to prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases online, and integrates fully with Clio to eliminate repeat data entry. Streamline the bankruptcy process by using an intuitive online system, and increase overall efficiency with these practice-specific functionalities.

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Key Features

  • Client management for bankruptcy matters just got easier with Clio’s latest integration, NextChapter; a cloud-based solution for attorneys to prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases online. Manage your cases in Clio, and sync important client information with Next Chapter for preparation and filing.

    Whether you’re a bankruptcy pro or adding these case-types to your practice, NextChapter has you covered by offering:

    • Tasks, events, and matters that sync bilaterally with Clio
    • Free filings for pro bono cases
    • Intuitive navigation and Bankruptcy Web Workflow™
    • In-app calculators and real-time validations
    • Credit report integration
    • Document forms library
    • Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcy forms
    • Chapter 13 calculator and plan editor

    “NextChapter and Clio were meant to be! Attorneys who practice bankruptcy can benefit from our integration by managing their cases in Clio and syncing bankruptcy matters to NextChapter for preparation and filing.” – Janine Sickmeyer, CEO/Founder of NextChapter