Nextiva is a powerful, desktop-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and unified communication software suite, which gives users a high level of integration and expanded communication options. Nextiva combined with Clio is sure to enhance your practice.

Key Features

  • Nextiva is the #1 choice for law firms all across the United States. Nextiva comes with some powerful features that enhance any legal practice's telecommunications solution.

    Included features:

    • One touch Click to Dial
    • Automated Customer Record Screen Pop Upon Call Answer
    • Caller Preview
    • Address Book Lookups

    Combining Clio with the leading cloud communications company in the U.S., Nextiva, adds even more firepower.

    If your business is searching for only the best, then Nextiva should be the first option you consider. Originally founded by CEO Tomas Gorny in 2006, Nextiva has yet to slow down with year after year of innovation. By 2008, Nextiva was up and running with early customers, and they now provide service to over 160,000 businesses nationwide. Nextiva’s unique cloud solutions allow companies of any size to establish the most capable and robust communication system possible from small to midsize business, up to airlines that routinely make international flights, and even automobile manufacturers.

    With a reputation as one of the top companies to work for, Nextiva offers a warm and positive atmosphere that extends to their client base, too. Nextiva has won multiple awards for their outstanding in-house customer service, with friendly helpful agents and minimal downtime for users when it matters most.

    Nextiva is highly regarded for its innovation; the provider is constantly changing the business communications land scape and introducing revolutionary products and solutions. NextOS, the all-in one communication platform, puts Nextiva in a class of its own.

    Please note that the Clio-Nextiva integration is supported for PC only.