Time Miner

Automatic retroactive time capture
Available in the United States
Starting at $24.99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automatic Time Capture

    Time Miner automatically finds and creates time entries for past billable calls, texts, and emails. The first and only software of its kind, Time Miner is 100% retroactive time capture technology.
  • Approach 100% Time Capture

    By using Clio for contemporaneous time capture and Time Miner for automatic time capture, users will approach 100% time capture, bill more hours, and generate more revenue.
  • Crazy ROI

    Bill up to 47% more on average.

How Time Miner works with Clio

  • Bill more without changing how you work.

    Time Miner integrates with Clio, exporting time entries / billable activities to appropriate matters automatically.

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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up

    If you need detailed instructions on connecting Time Miner to Clio, you may visit this site.

  • Security and privacy policy

    We are committed to protecting your privacy.
    View Time Miner’s privacy policy, terms of service and security policy.

  • Additional support

    Contact Time Miner’s support at