Time Miner

Automatic retroactive time capture
Available in the United States
Starting at $12.99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automatic Time Capture

    Time Miner automatically finds and creates time entries for past billable calls, texts, and emails. The first and only software of its kind, Time Miner is 100% retroactive time capture technology.
  • Approach 100% Time Capture

    By using Clio for contemporaneous time capture and Time Miner for automatic time capture, users will approach 100% time capture, bill more hours, and generate more revenue.
  • Crazy ROI

    Time Miner retails at $12.99 per month, and for Clio users there is a significant discount. At either price point, Time Miner pays for itself 100X over every time a user hits the "mine now" button. By capturing time spent on "little tasks," Time Miner adds to your bottom line without changing the way you work.

How Time Miner works with Clio

  • Time Miner integrates with Clio, exporting time entries / billable activities to appropriate matters automatically.

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