Time Miner

Time Miner automatically creates billable time entries for past smartphone activity, including calls, texts, and emails, eliminating the need for contemporaneous billing. For Clio users, Time Miner exports time entries directly to individual matters. Built by lawyers who bill by the hour for lawyers who bill by the hour.

Key Features

  • Time Miner searches your smartphone for billable calls, texts and emails, and generates a report that includes the client’s name, the type of communication, the length of time spent on the communication, and the dollar value of that time. For Clio users, this data is exported as time entries directly to individual matters.

    For lawyers who do business on their smartphones, Time Miner is a must-have, enabling users to capture time that is typically lost. The days of users emailing themselves reminders to bill for mobile activity are over! And with the Clio integration, Time Miner approaches what many lawyers who bill by the hour dare not dream of: completely automatic billing. By going back and searching a user's smartphone for billable activity, creating time entries for that activity and then exporting those entries to individual matters Clio, the Time Miner + Clio integration eliminates the ever-present pain point of creating time entries, all the while adding revenue to users' bottom lines.

    Most users are surprised to learn how much time they spend working on their smartphones. The average user over a six (6) month period finds $1,100 per month in time that would have previously gone un-billed. Those .1s add up--Time Miner makes sure of it, proudly declaring it leaves "No billable time left behind!"