Time Tracker by eBillity

Time Tracker by eBillity is built for mobility. Lawyers love the convenience of tracking time for matters on the go with eBillity’s suite of mobile apps and web service – all apps come with built-in ABA billing codes and are all free!

With Time Tracker you can apply payments to invoices from trust accounts, export invoices in Legal Electronic Data Exchange standards, and check for conflicting clients or matters before you bill your time!

Time Tracker syncs with QuickBooks, Xero, ADP, Sage and more!

Every plan comes with a free 30 day trial. No credit card needed. Sign up today.

Key Features

  • • Track time for multiple matters with our handy timer features. Timers started on the website can be stopped on your mobile app and vice versa.
    • Our weekly timesheet allows you to quickly input time entries for multiple clients and matters for multiple days
    • Create branded legal invoices, complete with expenses, in just 4 clicks.
    • Apply payments to your invoices from trust accounts which are easily managed inside of eBillity.
    • Export your invoices in Legal Electronic Data Exchange standards for easy import into other systems.
    • Track legal expenses from anywhere. You can even upload receipts on the fly via the mobile app.
    • Ensure there are no conflicting clients or matters in the system before you get to work billing for that time!
    • Monitor your legal team’s productivity. Quickly generate LSS and Realization Reports.
    • Free iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop and Outlook apps

    Our integration works both ways:
    Sync: Contacts, Matter, Expenses and Time Entires into Clio
    Sync: Users, Contacts, Matter, Expense Activity Categories and Service Activity Categories into Time Tracker.

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