TimeSparrow makes it easy to track time. Enter time using text messaging, emails, voice transcription, or Amazon Alexa devices. You can even have TimeSparrow call you at regularly scheduled times to record your entries. TimeSparrow syncs with Clio, so that all your time entries can be found in both places.

Key Features

  • Use Timers to Track Your Time
    • You can create timers to track your time as you work. Create as many timers as you want, to separately track each matter you work on throughout the day.

    Use Text Messaging to Enter Time
    • Send a text message to TimeSparrow describing what you worked on, and we'll save it to your time entries.

    Turn Your Emails into Time Entries
    • We'll create a special TimeSparrow email address just for you. You can forward your emails to (or BCC) that address, and we'll create time entry reminders that you can review at the end of the month.

    Use Amazon Alexa to Enter Your Time
    • When you link the TimeSparrow skill with your Amazon Alexa device, you can use Alexa to enter time. To get started, just say "Alexa, open TimeSparrow."

    Special Features for Lawyers who Practice in Federal Court
    • If you practice in federal court, TimeSparrow can create a time entry reminder whenever a document is filed in one of your cases.

    Never Forget to Enter Your Time
    • If you often forget to enter your time, you can have TimeSparrow call you at scheduled times of the day. Just pick up the phone and tell TimeSparrow what you did, and we'll save a high quality transcription to your reminders.

    Powerful Reporting Features
    • You can run reports to see where you're spending your time. Firms can also run firmwide reports for invoicing or administrative purposes.

    Sync Your Time Entries to Clio
    • Your time entries will automatically sync with Clio, so that you'll have them in both places.