TrustBooks is trust accounting software for small law firms. TrustBooks is designed specifically for attorneys to help them easily manage their client trust accounts and stay compliant with their State bar. TrustBooks makes trust accounting drop dead simple! Clio users can save time while helping stay compliant with their trust account through the integration with TrustBooks. Sync all activity from Clio to TrustBooks to avoid double entry and get the peace of mind you need for your trust account.

Key Features

  • • Three-way reconciliations that are automatically generated with each reconciliation.
    • Built-in controls that never allow a client balance to go into the negative.
    • Client trust ledgers that get updated with every transaction entered into TrustBooks.
    • Automatically generated month-end reports that meet state bar requirements for compliance.
    • Keeps a history of all reconciliations performed so your data is always at your fingertips.
    • Simple workflows designed for the non-accountant... never feel overwhelmed with your trust accounting again.