Easy & secure identity verification.
Available in Canada, the United States
Volume based pricing

Key benefits for your firm

  • Verify the identity of anyone, anywhere.

    Know who you’re dealing with by verifying the identity of your clients, or anyone else through our easy to use Clio interface. Our universally compliant method of ID verification is capable of testing more than 3000 types of identities from 195 countries.
  • Make compliance a breeze.

    We run more than 15 tests on ID to make sure they are authentic, valid, and belong to your client. Once they’ve passed, we conveniently package that information into a downloadable document for your records.
  • The ultimate digital trust solution for privacy & security.

    Our decentralized approach to identity verification ensures your most important legal documents are protected from every angle with the highest caliber of security. Take the guesswork out of KYC compliance with Vaultie.

How Vaultie works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Manage to allow you to automatically send Identity verification requests to clients.
    Instantly send ID verification requests from Clio Manage
    Clients can submit their government ID for a series of tests to prove authenticity.
    Automatically updates your contact list with a verified badge once a client is verified
    Supplies a universally compliant verification report available for audits

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Helpful resources

  • Getting set up
    1. Sign in to Clio and allow access to connect your account to Vaultie.
    2. Choose a plan and import your contacts.
    3. Verify clients by sending them an email to enter personal info, select ID, and take a selfie.
    4. Vaultie verifies identity by comparing ID and selfie.
    5. Client grants access to verified personal data, securely stored in Clio.
  • Security and privacy policy

    We are committed to protecting your privacy.
    View Vaultie’s privacy policy, terms of service and security policy.

  • Additional support

    Contact Verify with Vaultie’s support at