Veta Virtual Receptionist

We help law firms close inbound leads and book appointments.
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at $85 per month USD
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Reduce their staffing costs and increase revenue

    Veta Virtual helped clients reduce their staffing costs by over 50% and increase revenue by 30%.
  • Improve how you manage phone calls and leads

    Veta Virtual performs lead qualification, custom intake, appointment scheduling (available on your Clio calendar), and payment processing.
  • Native English-speaking virtual receptionists

    Veta Virtual's live and native English-speaking virtual receptionists answer and qualify your inbound leads, book new appointments, and increase customer satisfaction with your existing clients.

How Veta Virtual Receptionist works with Clio

  • Automatically intake new clients:
    Every call and message you receive via Veta Virtual’s live receptionists automatically syncs to your Clio Grow Matter Pipeline.
    This way you can manage your practice seamlessly without having to perform manual tasks!

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