Vijilent Data-Portraits®

Vijilent uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver reliable, real-time insights into individuals. Social media data is indispensable for capturing people insights involved in a case, which is ideal for new client evaluation, fraud reduction, witness preparation, and more.

Our technology speeds up the process of finding public record details and social media sites. This data is collected, analyzed, archived, then organized by case and presented as easy-to-view, single-page Data-Portrait® profiles.

Why settle for the basics of a background search when a rich Data-Portrait® can uncover those hidden gems of knowledge?

Key Features

  • An integration with Vijilent means that your Clio contact information is greatly enhanced:

    • Import contact information directly from Clio contacts or matters.
    • Data-Portrait® links automatically to custom Clio contact fields.
    • Vijilent cases link automatically to custom Clio matter fields.
    • Export searchable PDF Data-Portraits® into Clio matter documents.
    • Electronically archive social media so it is court admissible.

    Get a competitive advantage by using Vijilent’s intelligent online people search to find insights fast. Request a trial account today or try our free demo.