Entity management, cap tables and document automation for Clio
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at $200 per month USD
10% discount for Clio customers Learn More

Key benefits for your firm

  • Reduce your unbillable hours. Increase your billable hours.

    Walter dramatically reduces administrative and low-value tasks across your firm, freeing up you and your team to do more valuable, more billable, and less frustrating work.
  • Walter enables law firms. It doesn’t disrupt them.

    Software companies are looking to cannibalize your client relationships. Walter does the opposite. It gives you a central system of record that keeps critical data under your control and functionality that prevents third parties from inserting themselves into your client relationships.
  • Set your clients up for success.

    With Walter, your clients get on-demand access to their data and key documents, which saves them administrative hassles and time. It reduces costs & errors and helps them maximize the value of their ESOP, close financings faster, receive funds through integrated payments, and be transaction-ready.

How Walter works with Clio

  • Integrates with Clio Manage so you can view your client’s cap table in Walter and generate startup questionnaires from Clio

    • From a Matter in Clio, create a questionnaire in Walter to share with a startup client to automate their incorporation process
    • Click through to a client’s cap table in Walter from their Matter in Clio
    • Quickly access the Client and Matter in Clio from your Entities page in Walter
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