YoCierge and Clio – a match made in the cloud!

We specialize in record retrieval for law firms including HIPAA/HITRUST medical records and other employment or insurance documents. Basically, we can get any records you need to win your cases!

Whether you use subpoenas or authorizations, YoCierge brings remarkable efficiency to your law office. Our well-designed interface will save you considerable time and money, plus there’s nothing to install–just like Clio, we live in the cloud!

Key Features

  • Easy ordering using data entered in Clio

    When you order a new document, the matters registered in Clio will appear automatically. They are marked with "(from Clio)" after their name, making it easy to find them.

    Most fields will auto populate from Clio, including the subject name, date of birth, social security number and email address. Ordering is not only fast, but helps you avoid typos in data entry. Check out our 7 time-saving tips to help your firm get medical records faster! Link: https://www.clio.com/blog/medical-records-yocierge/


    If your firm often orders documents using subpoenas, you know how tedious this process can be. Not when using YoCierge with Clio! We can pull not only all parties and counsel’s data, but your Clio custom fields as well. Are you using a custom field for Docket number or Social Security Number? Not a problem, we can easily populate those fields using your Clio data as well.

    Depending on the jurisdiction, court required documents like Notice of Intent or Certificate Prerequisite to Service of Subpoena are all generated from your Clio data and served according to the court rules.

    Record delivery straight into Clio

    Best of all, we deliver records not only into our secure online vault, but also directly into your Clio matter. You can access all records in Clio just by selecting the right matter and navigating to the Documents tab.

    Expenses and Invoices registered in Clio

    When we issue an invoice for our record retrieval services, we will automatically upload the invoice into Clio to the relevant Matter and register the expense under Expenses. We make it easier to bill your clients accurately.

    If you love what Clio does for your firm, you will love what YoCierge can add for you!