How do you compare Clio vs. CosmoLex?

Ask the right questions before choosing the backbone of your practice.

Clio Legal Practice Management Software: Clio vs. CosmoLex


Founded in 2008, Clio is the most trusted and comprehensive legal practice management software available, with over 200 employees and offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Dublin.


Founded in 2012, CosmoLex is based in New Jersey and has around 50 employees. CosmoLex has focused heavily on providing accounting functionality. However, there are several gaps in the basic features every law firm needs.
  • Only part of what you need

    Missing key practice management functionalities.

  • Made for accountants

    A system that’s focused on accounting.

  • No room to grow

    Few options for customization.

Between scheduling appointments, tracking time, billing for your services, and performing actual legal work, you have a lot on your plate. You need practice management software that streamlines your whole day, not just part of it.

Carter N. Nagel

“As an early adopter of legal technology, Clio has proven to be the best solution I have used. In using contemporary software solutions there must be ongoing development iterations of the product. This is where Clio excels with its superior customer service, supporting its constant advancement as an invaluable solution to our fast, high impact, detail specific legal industry.”

Carter N. Nagel, Founder and Lawyer, Nagel Law

Are all my practice management needs covered?

Simplified document generation

Never waste time on formatting again. Use templates to easily generate professional looking documents in Clio.

Customizable data fields

Data entry doesn’t have to be time consuming. With Clio’s Custom Fields, the information you need is where you need it, without cumbersome data entry.

Automated court calendaring

Never miss a court deadline. Automatically calculate key court dates for individual cases based on court rules in your jurisdiction, and sync them to your firm and personal calendars, with Clio’s Elite plan.

Plenty of integration options

With Clio, you won’t have to stop using your favorite apps to see increased efficiency across your practice. Clio integrates with over 50 leading apps and services, including Lexicata, Zapier, Vonage, and Fundbox.

Mobile App

Take your practice anywhere. With the Clio Mobile App, you can track time, view client information, and create new matters and contacts on your smartphone. Clio’s mobile app lets you keep your cases moving forward, wherever you are.

Access your data, even after cancellation

As a lawyer, you always need access to client data. With Clio, you can access firm data up to 90 days after cancellation, but with CosmoLex, you’ll need to export all data before canceling—you’ll lose access to your account immediately after a cancellation.

Is this more than accounting software?

Lawyers need to be lawyers, not accountants. An integrated accounting tool is helpful, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of other key features you need for your practice.

Integrated accounting will not, in itself, increase billable hours for your firm—but it will put additional responsibility on your plate. If you’re looking for a practice management tool, look for the essentials before making a choice based on accounting capabilities alone.

Clio takes care of over 150,000 lawyers’ cases and clients, from intake to invoice. It’s technology made by experts, for legal experts.

Clio vs. CosmoLex: More than just an accounting software

Can I customize this software for my practice area?

Clio vs. CosmoLex: Customize

Don’t settle for software that’s less than great—no matter your practice area.

Clio lets you:

  • Keep track of the information that matters to you with custom data fields for matters and contacts
  • Streamline the documents that matter to your practice with your own document templates and forms
  • Integrate with practice area specific tools (like Nextchapter for bankruptcy lawyers or Alt Legal for IP professionals) to make your practice even more efficient

You won’t have these options with CosmoLex.

Who would you rather trust?

At Clio, we understand the importance of practice management software to your firm, so we hire and train specialists to make sure you get the most out of our product.

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