How Power Law Uses Better Lead Intelligence to Streamline Intake and Grow Intentionally

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Amelia Power

Power Law LLC

  • 2020

    Year Founded
  • 2-5

    Number of Staff
  • 2020

    Started Using Clio
  • Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Flat Fee

    Fee Types
  • Criminal Defence

    Practice Areas

Clio Grow was a no-brainer when it came to improving intake and consultations

Amelia Power is a practicing Criminal Defense Attorney and the Founder of Power Law, LLC. The firm handles a range of criminal defense cases from misdemeanors to serious felonies and represents adult and juvenile clients at both the trial and post-conviction level.

Working from a historical mansion in Denver, Colorado, Amelia is a strong believer in automation, efficiency, and making data-driven decisions on how to run her business. From day one, she’s used Clio Manage to run her practice—and it wasn’t long before she decided to adopt Clio Grow as well to help streamline her intake process.

“Once I realized that Clio Grow was not a huge add-on to my monthly Clio subscription, it was a no-brainer.”

How Clio Grow improved Amelia’s approach to intake, consultations, and pricing her services in her market

1. Better, more prepared consultations—in 15 minutes or less

Clio Grow has allowed Amelia to create better processes for her intake, resulting in a more efficient system for her consultations. Clients can book consultations into Amelia’s calendar—directly from her website—while also allowing her to have her engagement templates and fee letters ready to go by the time she meets her potential clients.

By being more prepared for each consultation—she’s also been able to reduce her standard sessions from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, which has helped put a ton of time back in her calendar.

“Before Clio Grow, I would pick up the phone and a potential client would want to do a consultation right away. I had to create the matter in Clio Manage while taking notes during the conversation. Being able to do all the intake and have it there already in Clio Grow—and having my engagement templates and fee letters ready—is so nice, because it really streamlines those processes.”

2. A system for tracking lead data

With her intake system in place, Amelia is able to track many important details about the potential clients who come to her firm.

“I don’t even have to run a report. I can look at where my sources are coming from, where my referrals are coming from, or where my clients are coming from. Every time I meet with a business manager or financial advisor, they always ask, where are your leads coming from, and I can say, ‘let me show you.’”

3. Lead data = market data, which helped inform Amelia’s rates

With Clio Grow, Amelia’s firm collects data on who reaches out to her, the value of their cases, whether they’re converting, and why they might not be converting. With this data in hand, Amelia is able to make more strategic decisions on how to run her firm.

“In Clio Grow, when someone doesn’t hire you, you can collect that data and follow up. I always figured that when people weren’t converting, it was because they couldn’t afford us, but it’s not because people are put off by cost, but usually it’s some other reason outside of our control. When we ran the numbers, we learned that only 22% of potential clients were not hiring us for cost concerns. That made us think we could raise our rates without sacrificing bringing in new clients.”

4. Eliminating unnecessary administrative work

Amelia is a practicing attorney who’s in court almost every day. With these demands on her time, she’s always looking for ways to make her office more efficient, especially when it comes to burdensome administrative work.

Clio Grow has allowed her firm to cut down bulky processes, so that she and her team can dedicate more time to clients.

Creating a fee agreement, getting a retainer request out, and making sure everything is signed—that went from a half-day project to a 20-minute project. It’s just so much more streamlined, and it’s automated, so once I send that fee agreement out, and I set the reminders, it all comes through automatically. That time-saving has really, really helped.

5. Customizing workflows specific to the cases she handles

Amelia and her team have set up a system for their firm’s pipeline, so that every potential client gets at least two follow-ups. Since Clio Grow creates a centralized place for keeping track of lead data, anyone at her firm can check on the pipeline and follow-up by sending emails directly out of Clio Grow, regardless of who did the consult.

Amelia has also created templates for key documents, such as closing letters and entries of appearance. Each of these forms can be quickly auto-filled with information collected from her intake forms.

“You can customize Clio Grow for your practice area. My cases are very specific to my practice, and I collect data specific to whether something is a DUI, a misdemeanor, a felony, or something else. A different firm could completely customize to collect whatever data they want to capture.”

Sustainable growth with a focus on giving more control to clients

Amelia and her team aim to continue growing their firm at an intentional pace, with the goal of always providing excellent client service. With this, Amelia has set her sights on learning more about how she can adapt her firm’s processes to take more advantage of what Clio has to offer—and helping to improve how clients can work and interact with her firm.

“I really want my clients to feel like they have more control over their case—that they can access and collaborate more in Clio.”

“I have friends who started firms without Clio, and I always say, ‘What are you doing? You’re going to regret this so much!’”

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