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Schantell Comegys

  • 2010

    Year Founded
  • 2-5

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  • 2012

    Started Using Clio
  • Washington D.C., DC, USA

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  • Business

    Pro Bono

    Veterans Appeals

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Everything she needs to manage and grow her legal practice(s)

Schantell Comegys, Attorney and Business Owner, runs two practices—SSC Professional Services and the Law Office of Schantell S. Comegys, PLLC—each prioritizing a high degree of ease, convenience, and efficiency for herself—and especially her clients.

She operates a legal consulting firm for small businesses that helps with regulatory compliance and transactions, as well as a law firm that works with the Veterans Consortium to offer representation in the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. She also offers pro bono services to victims of domestic abuse.

In working across so many areas of law between two small firm operations, being able to work entirely remote through Clio has helped her achieve a level of efficiency that sees her deliver exceptional impact on a day-to-day basis.

“Clio is a one-stop shop. I would recommend Clio to any attorney. You can’t put a value on everything Clio offers you and how it helps your business thrive.”

How Clio sets Schantell up for success

1. Clio was the clear winner over other solutions

When Schantell first started her practice, she used a free time and billing software. She quickly realized that—in order to grow and stay organized—she needed a more comprehensive solution that would allow her to manage more of her practice in one place.

She looked at another practice management solution, but she didn’t like how it was organized, and it didn’t offer built-in payment processing or have an integration with Zoom. The DC bar offered training for small firms that featured a discussion on the benefits of Clio. From there, her decision was easy.

“I take appointments online. I take payments online. I communicate with my clients through Clio 90% of the time. Clio helps me communicate with my clients quicker and more effectively.”

2. Streamlining intake and finding new business

Schantell uses Clio Grow to run a fully remote intake system, which means that clients can see her availability when booking a consultation online, and they can pay their consultation fee upfront.

Before booking an appointment, her clients have all the information needed to make a good decision on whether the firm is a good fit for what they need.

Prior to meeting, instead of having to email an intake form, everything is done automatically with Clio Grow. The intake form gets filled, the meeting is in her calendar, the consultation fee is paid, and any documentation has been submitted for Schantell to review.

“Before Clio Grow, they would bring their documents in and I would quickly skim them during the consultation, and it takes away from their hour. Now, they use Clio Grow to give me everything that they want me to look at. It’s done before they even walk through the door— and my clients get more bang for their buck in their consultation.”

3. Better, more secure communication with clients

Clio for Clients offers a convenient and secure location for communicating with clients—which, for many of her clients who are victims of domestic abuse, that privacy and discretion is of utmost importance. Any information shared through Clio remains private and secure—and Clio uses unique text and email IDs that offer a layer of discretion for clients that need it.

Clio also keeps all communications—whether through text, email, or phone—organized and accessible. Email notifications keep Schantell organized and able to prioritize important communications, without having to rely on her assistant.

“When someone sends something, Clio gives me just enough information to know whether it’s important. It keeps me on track with deadlines. I’m not totally dependent upon my assistant reminding me of things because Clio sends me an email to remind me. It’s great at keeping me organized.”

4. Keeping organized and on-deadline

For any trial-based work she does, Clio’s court calendaring keeps Schantell organized and on-deadline by automatically calculating all dates and deadlines for her. Since it all gets put into her calendar, she gets automated reminders that help keep her on track.

“Clio’s court docketing calendar was a big plus—not having to count out dates, and getting reminders.”

5. Full-service document management

Documents make up a significant amount of the information that Schantell manages on behalf of her clients—which she’s able to do entirely in Clio Manage.

While storing, sharing, and requesting signatures are all key, Clio Manage also offers transparent versioning that allows her to keep track of who made what changes to a document—which is useful when collaborating with clients.

“I have one place to store all my documents. I can share a document from Clio Manage. I can do eSignatures directly through Clio. It cuts out a lot of steps and makes my workflow a lot more seamless. Clio freed up time that I was spending on other apps.”

6. Quick, easy, and IOLTA-compliant payments and trust requests

Online payments and trust requests are one area of Clio that Schantell couldn’t live without. Clio makes it extremely easy for her to bill her clients and request payments—and it keeps all payments organized so that she can keep any IOLTA funds separate from her firm’s operating account.

“Before Clio, I would have to wait for people to mail in a check, or for them to want to drop it off at the office. Now I can get payments quicker. It makes it easier for the client, is more convenient, and makes it more likely that I will collect the money.”

7. Support every step of the way

Clio’s 24/5 customer support has been incredibly valuable to Schantell. From the start, Clio transferred all of her information from her previous solution and offered training. When she brought on her associate and of-counsel, her team did a whole week’s training to learn all the features.

“Clio has excellent customer service. When you need help with something, you can always get someone on the phone, zoom, or chat. That is invaluable to me. Clio has been a godsend. I would recommend Clio to any attorney.”

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