A Flawless Transition to Clio Payments

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Erika Holmes

ELHolmes Legal Solutions

  • 2016

    Year Founded
  • Solo

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  • 2016

    Started Using Clio
  • Denver, Colorado, USA

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Managing payments in Clio—without a 3rd party integration—helps Erika run a modern law practice

Erika Holmes runs her own solo practice and is an advocate and speaker for running a modern law firm, which is aimed at providing affordable, client-centered services in a way that is also profitable for lawyers. She runs the Modern Law University, which is a service she offers to fellow legal professionals—and will soon be teaching advanced modern law classes to lawyers participating in Legal Entrepreneurs for Justice, Colorado’s modern law incubator program.

Having offered online payments from day 1 of her practice, she recently switched to Clio Payments to help make collections easier—and faster—for her, and for her clients.

“It’s just been a flawless transition.”

Why Clio’s built-in payments was a no-brainer

1. Getting started was easy, familiar, and seamless for clients

Switching from her previous payment integration was simple. Having used her previous payment provider as an integration with Clio, she already knew how to collect payments, so there was no learning curve.

Once she made the switch, payments from clients were seamless. Her clients weren’t even aware of the change.

“As soon as Clio Payments was hooked up, it was like … BAM! Everything worked like it was supposed to.”

2. Erika’s clients want to pay by eCheck—now they can

The big seller for Erika was being able to offer eCheck payments to clients, since her goal is to make paying as convenient for her clients as possible. Even though she will accept other forms of payment, her clients are choosing to pay only by credit card or eCheck.

“I used to say to my clients you can pay by credit card or check. At this point I just say you can pay by credit card or eCheck—I don’t offer the check option unless they actually ask for it. And since I stopped offering them, no one has asked to pay by check.”

3. Fixed rates and transparent fees work better for everyone

Online payments have always been a valuable investment for Erika. Aside from the client preference for them, she knows that clients are more likely to pay when it’s easy and convenient. “The amount you have to pay for the credit card processing is way less than what you would pay for collections,” she says.

“I like Clio’s fixed rates, because honestly, I always like flat rates. My whole business model is based on flat fees.”

4. Clio Payments helps Erika run a modern law firm

Erika provides affordable legal services that work for both her clients and her firm. She charges a flat fee based on an unbundled service model, which means that clients only pay for the services they need, and they always know the cost upfront.

Because her services are so transparent, she’s able to take payments upfront. When sending an engagement letter at the start of any legal matter, she simply sends a trust request from Clio to collect the flat fee before the work begins—resulting in a 100% collection rate.

“The concept is simple. The easier you make it to pay, the more likely they are to pay.”

5. Managing payments from one platform is easier

Doing all of her billing and payments in Clio means that when any payments are made, they get logged automatically in Clio—making it easy to search and retrieve any records if and when she needs them.

“When looking at payment records and that kind of information, you don’t have to go into another program. It’s all right there, and for me that’s a huge benefit.”

Get started with Clio’s new online payments

Manage more of your collections in Clio Manage—and get access to credit card and eCheck payments with flat rates and transparent pricing. Reach out to our team to make the switch today.

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