Advice from legal professionals: How I do it with Clio

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Hear first hand how legal professionals like you use Clio to improve
their firm’s efficiency and experiences without compromise.

  • How does Daniel make more time for himself and his case work?

    See how this solo attorney single-handedly onboards new clients, collects retainers, and generates bills from trust just like larger firms.

    Learn more about collecting funds upfront
  • How does Jennifer automate billing to get paid faster?

    Learn how Jennifer has one less thing to worry about at month’s end by generating personalized bills, sharing them, and getting paid all in minutes.

    Learn more about automating billing
  • How does Nate collect more without chasing down payments?

    Hear how Nate spends more time in the courtroom while still getting paid—and without needing dedicated staff to collect payments.

    Learn more about collecting payments online
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    How does Beate make it easy for clients to pay?

    “I used to be on LawPay and then I switched to Clio Payments and I like how it works seamlessly. It’s also more economical. For clients, it’s really easy to upload the bill. They pop in the credit card number or ACH information. They all like it. It also allows me not to have to chase payments down any more. Clio makes that possible.”

    Learn more accepting payments from your bills
  • How does Robin use payment plans to make large bills less stressful for clients?

    Hear how Robin makes her firm’s services more accessible to clients—no matter their financial situation—while ensuring she gets paid on time.

    Learn more about automating payment plans

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