How this growing firm doubled their revenue by switching to Clio

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McBean Law

  • 2016

    Year Founded
  • 11-50

    Number of Staff
  • 2021

    Started Using Clio
  • New York, NY, USA

  • Flat Fee

    Fee Types
  • Immigration

    Practice Areas

Over the past six years, McBean Law has grown from a solo firm located in New York to a growing team of 20 employees serving clients all over the world.

According to founder and attorney LaToya McBean Pompy, when the firm first shifted to providing virtual services in 2020, they thought it was going to be temporary. “We quickly found that we were able to thrive in a virtual environment by being able to serve more people faster and better.”

But with an increasing number of clients reaching out for their legal services, McBean Law needed a legal practice management solution that could keep up with the volume, while enabling them to better serve their clients from a remote environment.

Clio brings all their information and processes together

One of the biggest needs the firm had was a more efficient, centralized way to handle the entire client engagement process, from finding new clients all the way to case resolution.

“I was looking for a software that provided a more seamless process for us,” Pompy said. “We are very busy working on cases and meeting with clients, and we didn’t have time to figure out a new, complicated software.”

With their previous solution, they found that their workflows were disjointed, and navigating the integrations was complex. Switching to Clio has centralized all of the firm’s workflows and information so they can manage everything in one place, including lead tracking, client communications, documents, payments, and more.

“It’s the hub for the firm. Everything is in one place.”

1. Managing a massive increase in client intake

Pompy was experiencing tremendous growth. New case volume had increased by 300% in just one year. But their legal practice management solution couldn’t keep up with the volume.

“With Clio, it’s been a lot easier for us to understand and track our leads through the system,” Pompy said. Clio gives Pompy Law a bird’s eye view of where their clients are in their journey, so they can ensure client cases are progressing, all from a single dashboard.

“In addition, we are able to dig into which cases are most profitable, how much time we’re spending on a matter, and what our conversion rates are per attorney,” Pompy added. As a result, the firm is able to focus its marketing efforts on the cases that will bring in the most revenue.

“It is worth it in the end to be able to keep track and convert your leads—it’s priceless.”

2. Providing better legal experiences to clients all over the world

When it comes to their clients, McBean Law is committed to making the client experience as seamless and accessible as possible.

“The secure client portal has been a game changer,” Pompy said. It makes it easy for clients to connect with the firm using any device, which includes receiving updates, exchanging documents, and tracking payments.

Pompy also noted that because communications are now centralized in one place, if a client has a question, the right person from her firm can easily jump in and provide an answer, which they couldn’t do before.

3. Smoother processes for both client and firm

McBean Law was also experiencing several financial limitations with their previous solution that Clio has helped them overcome.

With Clio, McBean Law has found it easier to send invoices regularly and stay on top of payments by collecting deposits upfront, setting up payment plans, and automating payment reminders. As a result, the firm is able to maintain a stronger cash flow by collecting payments quickly and consistently.

“From tracking our leads to quickly sending invoices to clients, we now have a process that works for our clients as well as for our team.”

Global expansion with Clio

For a firm committed to providing the best services to clients all over the world, every minute counts. “Clio helps us to develop the systems that we need to stay efficient as we grow and serve more people,” Pompy said.

“By saving us time on administrative steps, we’re able to hone in on our talents serving clients and marketing the firm. Clio allows us to have all the time to do all of that.“

This enables her to focus her time on positioning her firm in a competitive marketplace and better serving her clients. And for her, that’s well worth the investment.

“If you’re looking for a practice management software that allows your firm to grow, Clio is the one to choose.”

Committed to serving more people

For Pompy, starting her law firm was a risk that has paid off for her and the community she serves. “I never thought I would start my own practice, but over time I learned that there’s a need for my voice and firm right now. I’m glad that other people see the benefit in what we do as well, and I’m really proud of that.”

As her firm continues to serve more and more people, Clio supports her by providing the technology she needs to run her firm more efficiently. “Clio has helped me manage the growth we experienced from 2020 to 2021,” she said, noting that included expanding her team to taking on new cases. In addition, Pompy says that since adopting Clio, firm revenues have increased 109% and the firm has opened 103% more matters.

“The smartest thing an attorney can do right now is go virtual. Expand your client base by having a virtual office and the right tools to support that ambition whether you’re starting off or have been practicing for years.”

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