Accounting for Law Firms in 2020

Learn the basics of law firm and trust accounting, so you can stay on top of your firm’s finances year-round.

Learn the Basics of Law Firm Accounting

Accounting for law firms is different than for other businesses. For starters, standard trust accounting practices run contrary to the normal rules of finance. Add to that the difficulties of calculating taxes owed in partnership distributions, and it’s no surprise that many lawyers feel overwhelmed by law firm finances.

There is, however, a straight-forward way to handle your legal practice’s accounting without having to constantly turn to an accountant.

Join Joshua Lenon, Clio’s Lawyer in Residence, and T.C. Whittaker, of PwC InsightsOfficer, the bookkeeping, billing and insights solution for small firms and solos, in this webinar. You’ll learn strategies for staying on top of your firm’s finances in 2020, including:

  • The essentials of small business accounting, with a unique focus on law firms
  • How to handle trust accounting in an ethical manner (and get paid more)
  • How to create a system for capturing expenses, overhead, and income to gain a full understanding of your firm’s profitability
  • How to use technology to improve your firm’s financial performance

Duration: 60 minutes

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