The AI-Forward Law Firm: A Conversation on What’s Next for Legal

Where the legal industry is headed next and how to meet this challenge.

Join this discussion with legal technology leaders on how AI is revolutionizing the legal profession.

Do legal professionals need to care about AI or is it overhyped? As the lines between AI, technology, security, and law become increasingly blurred, how can we ensure the legal profession remains both innovative and ethically responsible?

The legal industry stands on the cusp of its biggest technological transition since the cloud, and these are just some of the questions lawyers need to be thinking about.

Join our panel of legal tech experts for a forward-looking conversation around these pivotal issues.

In this panel discussion, you can expect to find the following insights and more:

  • How AI will influence the operational dynamics of law firms, including changes in staffing, policies, and the capacity to offer enhanced legal services 
  • How AI will revolutionize the legal profession by increasing efficiency and productivity 
  • How to overcome reservations about AI and transition to a technology-driven mindset to maintain a competitive edge

Duration: 60 minutes

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Headshot Jack Newton
Jack Newton

CEO & Founder


As the CEO and Founder of Clio and a pioneer in cloud-based legal technology, Jack Newton has spearheaded efforts to educate the legal community on the security, ethics, privacy considerations, and benefits of running a law firm from the cloud. Under his leadership, Clio is bettering the lives and businesses of lawyers while making legal services more accessible and equitable for all through cloud-based and client-centered technology.

Jack is also the author of The Client-Centered Law Firm, a #1 bestseller that’s helping law firms thrive in today’s experience-driven era.

Mark Britton

Founder and former CEO


Mark is the founder and former CEO of Avvo, the world’s largest community for legal guidance and services. Prior to founding Avvo, Mark was the executive vice president of Worldwide Corporate Affairs of InterActiveCorp Travel (IACT) and Expedia, Inc. In this position, Mark oversaw all finance, accounting, strategy, corporate development, legal, human resources, and government relations functions for the IACT companies, including Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Classic Custom Vacations, and Interval International. Mark was also Expedia’s first general counsel and a long-time Board member of Orbitz Worldwide (NYSE: OWW).

He currently serves as a Strategic Director at Madrona Venture Group. With Avvo’s success, Mark regularly speaks around the country on technology, consumer and legal issues. His media appearances include ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox Business News, CNN Money and Dow Jones MarketWatch. Mark also received Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award in 2015 and was previously named a “Seattle Top 25 Innovator” and “Tech Titan 2.0” by Seattle business magazines. Upon his retirement from Avvo in 2018, Above the Law called Mark “the person who most disrupted law this decade.” Mark received his law degree from George Washington University. He holds a degree in finance from Gonzaga University. Mark has also taught finance for Gonzaga and serves on the university’s Board of Regents.

Amélie-Sophie Vavrovsky



Amélie Vavrovsky is the founder and CEO of Formally—a legal collaboration platform that streamlines legal work through great accessible design, secure portable data, and ethical AI. Trained in policy-making, she focuses on leveraging AI to revolutionize access to justice and reshape legal processes. Educated at Brown and Stanford, she leverages her expertise in cybersecurity, digital rights, and policy-making to harness AI’s potential, ensuring it serves justice equitably. Amélie serves as a research fellow at Stanford’s Center for Human-Centered AI (HAI) and as a CodeX fellow at Stanford, focusing on the ethical implications and applications of AI in the legal sphere. Notably, Amélie’s dedication to innovation in the legal field earned her honors from the American Bar Association in 2023 and a distinguished spot on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

Erin Walker

Director, Strategy and Enablement


Erin Walker has been working in digital communications since Netscape Navigator was a viable web browser. She has extensive experience operationalizing technology to achieve business goals, and she’s “practically obsessed” with AI, hosting Clio’s international and highly successful AI webinar series. She is passionate about using technology to solve problems and make the world a better place