On-demand webinar

AI for Law Firms: How It’s Reshaping Legal and Why You Should Care

Artificial intelligence for law firms, demystified.

What does AI in legal even mean? What are the implications of using AI? How do I start adopting new AI tools at my firm? Do I even want to? And will ChatGPT replace my role?!

Whether you’re intrigued by the chatter on your LinkedIn feed or are considering implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at your firm, these are just some of the things you might be wondering about.

Luckily you’re not alone—and we have two AI experts ready to answer your questions in our free on-demand webinar covering:

  • How the major categories of AI-powered tech are shaping the legal industry 
  • Why and how you should be using AI in your legal practice to create efficiencies and better serve clients
  • How to embrace AI responsibly at your firm

Duration: 60 minutes

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Tom Martin



Tom Martin is a legal AI advocate, lawyer, author and speaker. He is CEO and founder of LawDroid, a Generative AI Legal Technology company, and co-founder of the American Legal Technology Awards. Clients include ARAG Legal Insurance, Fasken, Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, Palace Law and many law firms. Tom has been recognized as an ABA Legal Rebel and Fastcase 50 Honoree. He has presented as a speaker at ABA TechShow, LegalWeek, ILTACON, Clio Con, Legal Innovators, and many others. Tom’s writing has been published in the ABA’s Law Practice Today, Law Technology Today and GP Solo Magazine, to name a few; he has also been featured on numerous podcasts, including Legal Rebels, Un-Billable Hour, Lawyerist, the Digital Edge, and New Solo. Tom also has his own podcast: LawDroid Manifesto on iTunes. He serves as a mentor at the Yale Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking and ATJ Tech Fellows. Tom is a graduate of Yale and UCLA School of Law.

Mitch Jackson

Co-founder & CEO

Jackson and Wilson Inc.

Mitch Jackson is an award winning 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year and a 2009 Orange County California Trial Lawyer of the Year.

When he’s not trying cases, Mitch enjoys applying his three decades of experience practicing law to help clients doing the digital dance at the intersection of law, business and technology relating to web3, the metaverse and AI.

Erin Walker

Director, Digital Strategy


Erin has been working in digital communications since Netscape Navigator was a viable web browser. She has helped clients from small businesses to international airports set and execute their digital strategies, and is the Director, Digital Strategy at Clio.