Law Firm Administrator Series:

Top Strategies to Intake & Onboard New Clients

Duration: 60 minutes

Law firm administrators are truly the unsung heroes of the legal profession. Keeping firms running as smoothly as possible from intake to invoice.

It all requires a lot of  behind-the-scenes knowledge, intuition, and (frankly) magic. That’s why we’re hosting an exclusive event to learn from two administrative experts with thorough experience developing intake and onboarding systems for maximum efficiency—and much more!

Watch this on-demand Clio customer webinar to:
Get actionable insights

Learn how to optimize your intake and onboarding processes so they serve both your firm and your clients.

Seek expert advice during the live Q&A

Troubleshoot common bottlenecks and inefficiencies at crucial junctions that you may be facing.

Forge new connections

Connect with other legal administrators to share learnings and best practices.

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John Avi Socha

John Avi Socha

Legal Operations Director & COO

John Avi Socha is the Legal Operations Director & COO at the Hemmat Law Group, a family law and civil litigation office headquartered in Seattle, Washington. With a background in data analytics and economics, John oversees Hemmat Law’s marketing infrastructure and spearheaded the development of the firm’s sophisticated Clio-integrated website. Before transitioning to private practice, John worked for a variety of nonprofit and government organizations domestically and abroad.

Dawn Douthat<

Dawn Douthat

President & Consultant

Dawn Douthat is the Owner of 1=3 Consulting.  She has more than 25 years in the legal industry as a professional paralegal, office manager, and legal software administrator. Dawn has been a Clio and Clio Grow Certified Consultant since 2021. She formed 1=3 Consulting in 2023 to support law firms with a growth mindset and is obsessed with creating efficient workflows in law firms through system and document automations.

Liz Hudson

Liz Hudson

Manager of customer Marketing, growth

Liz is a Manager of Customer Marketing at Clio where she’s obsessed with helping customers get the most value out of Clio. She loves learning about how customers are using Clio products and the impact it has on their lives. Giving them the spotlight to help educate other customers on their best practices is the best part of Liz’s job.

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