How to Refine Your Law Firm Business Model

Staying up to date with market trends, evaluating strategic offerings, and regular business planning are key to long-term firm success

Adapt your business plan to meet the changing demands from clients and competition.

Ensuring continued business success requires ongoing analysis of your firm’s strategy. What better time to think about your business model than the new year? 

Watch Dave from Stasmayer and Kimberly Y. Bennett from K Bennett Law, and Fidu-Legal in this webinar recording to learn about:

  • Proactively preparing your firm for market trends like changing client expectations, increased competition, and the impact of inflation on rates
  • Planning for diversification, adding new services, or niching down your current offerings
  • Creating an action plan and making shifts in law firm operations to achieve new milestones

Duration: 60 minutes

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Kimberly Y. Bennett


K Bennett Law, and Fidu-Legal

Kimberly is an avid traveler, lover of technology, legal industry disruptor, speaker, business coach and an attorney who runs K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique, virtual trademark and business strategy law practice offering on-demand and subscription legal services. Her practice focuses on helping industry disruptors and social impact organizations protect their brands and grow profitable and sustainable businesses. She has integrated the latest technologies into her practice with a focus on designing legal services that provide fast, flexible and frictionless solutions for her clients.

You can follow Kim (@kbennettlaw) across social media.

Dave Stasaitis



As Stasmayer’s President, David Stasaitis s responsible for business growth and leading the company’s technology strategy. After 19 years in business Stasmayer is recognized as one of the top Managed Services Provider in South Carolina and has been listed on the Inc. 5000 multiple times.

Stasaitis oversees product development, research and implementation of IT technologies proven to increase client’s profitability and client retention. His core expertise is information technology for Law Firms and he is the one of the top Gold Clio Certified Consultants in the world.

He has also appeared in over 50 CLE technology videos and presentations with the South Carolina Bar Association and other Bar Associations.


Rio Peterson

Sr. Affinity Partnerships Manager


Rio Peterson is the Senior Affinity Partnerships Manager Programs Coordinator at Clio. She initially joined Clio in 2017 as a member of Clio’s award-winning Customer Support team and gained an in-depth knowledge of Clio’s products and customers. Now, Rio works to build flourishing relationships with legal associations across the United States and Canada, and she works passionately to educate lawyers on the importance of using data to build better practices and drive the legal industry forward.