Accurate Time Recording in Today's Changing Environment

Clio’s 2019 Legal Trends Report found that legal professionals spend only 2.5 hours per day on billable tasks. Yet the most successful law firms find ways to spend as much time as possible on billable work. So how can your firm spend more time on billable work each day?

The answer lies in better time recording practises. Regardless of how you charge your clients—whether by the hour, flat fee, or contingency basis, knowing where your time is going is essential to your firm’s profitability.

To help you better understand how your firm spends its time, so you can take steps to increase productivity and ultimately, profitability, Karl Kohlmann, Practice Management Consultant, will be sharing his expertise with Geraldine O’Reilly, our Community Manager, in an upcoming webinar.

In this discussion, you will learn:

  • The basics of time management and time recording
  • How to record time in a way that works for you
  • How to understand where your time is going
  • Ways to increase your profitability and efficiency

Duration: 30 minutes

BONUS: You will also get a sneak peek of Clio in action and we’ll show you how to get set up on our 7 day free trial.

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