Welcome to the Digital Age: Thriving Through Periods of Transition

Learn from experts on how you can refine your firm’s processes to thrive in 2021.

The legal industry has changed dramatically in the last year— has your firm adapted?

Making sure that your firm’s processes and technology are set up for success in 2021 is essential—especially as the demands on the legal industry are changing rapidly. According to the 2020 Legal Trends Report, we know that the future of law firms will be cloud-based by design.

But how do you ensure that your cloud-based law firm continues to stay efficient and serve legal consumers better?

Join this webinar with legal technology experts Emma Raimi-Zlatic and Nefra MacDonald to find out how to streamline key parts of running your law practice—from client intake to hiring and matter management—even when running a cloud-based firm.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for evaluating your firm’s current practices, and identifying areas for change
  • The key ethical and compliance considerations legal professionals should consider when moving online
  • How to develop a cloud-centered law firm model that works from anywhere

Duration: 60 minutes

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Emma Raimi-Zlatic
Emma Raimi-Zlatic

Affinity Program Manager


Having had nearly a decade of experience in tech and the legal field, Emma knows both the needs of companies and lawyers alike. She’s spoken on many occasions about law firm marketing, legal entrepreneurship, law firm growth, and cloud technology and security. Being a JD herself who previously founded her own attorney recruiting company, Emma is passionate about helping firms grow from the ground up and knows firsthand the struggles involved in building a business. Emma joined Clio in 2018 as a result of the acquisition of Lexicata, a legal-tech software company, and also worked in Silicon Valley for tech startups and for an international law firm previously. She can be reached at [email protected], and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Nefra MacDonald

Affinity Program Manager


Nefra MacDonald is the Affinity Programs Manager at Clio. Having worked in legal for over a decade, Nefra understands the pain points that affect legal professionals, and she uses her experience to help lawyers streamline processes and run better businesses. A graduate of the University of Miami, Nefra is a passionate speaker about legal technology, attorney health and wellness, and other topics relevant to legal professionals.