Using Discovery and Investigation Tools

Are you ready for the new requirements of discovery?

A recent California ethics opinion just made competency in e-discovery mandatory for lawyers. The ethics opinion went on to list 9 core areas of competency which all litigators should master. From assessing e-discovery needs, to understanding a client’s electronic information storage architecture, to producing responsive non-privileged ESI in a recognized and appropriate manner, lawyers are now responsible for the manner and performance of their discovery teams.

Join Clio in this 1-hour session covering:

  • The 9 core areas of discovery competency you need to master,
  • How to set up investigation teams to catalog information for clients,
  • How to manage emerging discovery rules against the trend of proportionality being dictated by Courts, and
  • Tools to help you manage discovery in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Duration: 60 minutes

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