Watch How Law Firms Use Clio for Client Intake

If you’ve been wondering what Clio’s client intake software can do for your firm, now’s your chance to see it in action!

Join this free webinar with Clio power customers Dan McPherson from Elevator Law, to learn how you can use Clio’s client intake tool to build an efficient process. 

See how Clio customer Dan McPherson uses Clio Grow to ensure he delivers a personalized intake experience for his clients while scaling his business effectively.

In this session, Dan will walk through how to:

  • Optimize client intake with automated and customized workflows to save time, ensure accuracy, and create a seamless process for you and your clients. 
  • Improve lead management using tracking and timely follow-ups with Clio that effectively nurture leads and convert them into clients. 
  • Scale your firm’s growth using Clio’s analytics and reporting features to make data-driven decisions to drive scalable growth and optimize firm performance.


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Dan McPherson

Lawyer, Certified Executor Advisor (CEA), Trust & Estate Practitioner (TEP)

Elevator Law

Dan is the founder of Elevator Law, a firm which connects with clients throughout Alberta, protecting their clients legacies with dedication and understanding.

Georgina Marcus
Georgina Marcus

Product Expert


Georgina is the Director of Customer Sales at Clio and is passionate about empowering law firms to harness the full potential of technology.