A Lawyer’s Guide To Document Automation and Building Legal Documents in MS Word

Legal documents are the crux of law firms. But the preparation of forms, appeals, contracts, and hundreds of other docs can take up countless hours for legal professionals. The manual process of document creation is slow, tedious, and error-prone, making this one of the most time-consuming processes in legal.

A Lawyer's Guide to Document Automation and Building Legal Documents in MS Word Lawyaw

Firms that use Microsoft Word to build routine legal docs can truly benefit by employing its full range of features to simplify the drafting workflow. Most of what makes the platform such a powerful text editing tool is often left unexplored. Taking some time to learn the shortcuts and handy tools can save you hours’ worth of time in legal drafting.

Download this eBook to learn quick tips on using MS Word’s free features to build legal documents, and how automation can help streamline your drafting workflow. Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • Tips on using MS Word to its full capability
  • The benefits of using automated templates
  • How to evaluate document automation solutions
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