Everything You Need to Know About Legal Payment Processing Solutions

This guide explains everything about how online payment processing systems benefit your firm, and clients. Includes security compliance considerations.
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What’s inside:

  • How your law firm can benefit from accepting  online payments
  • Why clients prefer online payments 
  • Compliance and regulations you need to be aware of 
  • Six things to look for in a legal payments processing solution 

What you need to know to start accepting online payments today

It’s more important than ever for lawyers to be client-centered, which means adapting your practice as client expectations evolve.

The reality today is that clients expect to pay for legal service online rather than with cash or a check. But what does this mean for your law firm? More importantly, can you stay compliant and ethical while accepting online payments?

Accepting online payments is a great way to make it easy to pay and get paid. Our research shows that 66% of clients expect firms to accept online payments. In addition, 57% of invoices get paid within the same day they are billed, and 85% get paid within a week.

But not all payment solutions are created equal. Inside you’ll find exactly what to look for in a payment processing solution, and discover the tangible benefits for your clients and your firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of accepting online payments?

According to the 2021 Legal Trends Report online payments are the preferred method of payment for legal services. Additionally, our research has shown that law firms who accept online payments get paid faster, improved collection rates, and more.

Can lawyers accept credit cards?

The short answer is, “yes”. Almost every jurisdiction in the US has come out in favor of law firms accepting credit card payments for legal fees and expenses.

What is Clio Payments?

Built within the powerful Clio Manage infrastructure, Clio Payments enables you to automate and simplify admin work so you can focus on what matters most— your clients and your practice. Similar to the way your clients pay bills in their everyday life, they can now pay you using credit, debit, or eCheck.

Where is Clio Payments available?

Clio Payments is available to customers in the US and Canada. Clio Manage customers can activate payments here.

Learn everything there is to know about online legal payment processors today!

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