The Ethics and Security of Cloud Computing

Free Guide:

Nearly four thousand years ago, Hammurabi engraved the laws of Babylon onto a stone plinth and revolutionized the codification of law. Today, lawyers of all walks of life are engaged in a new revolution, with the ability to practice law armed with nothing more than a tablet device and an internet browser—a revolution brought about, in large part, by the rise of cloud computing.

With this new technology, lawyers have greater power to control their work/life balance, cut costs, and deliver better services to clients. The catch is that lawyers must now extend their traditional duties of competency and confidentiality into these new tools. But how?

In this free guide, we’ll discuss:

  • The added business benefits of cloud computing that modern law firms can no longer ignore
  • The ethical obligations around data security, privacy, and availability
  • Best practices for evaluating and selecting a cloud vendor
  • And more
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