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Practice42 builds successful law practices for lawyers across the nation. Headquartered in Florida, and founded by attorney Audrey Ehrhardt, we understand the challenges faced by busy lawyers on a daily basis. Each day you are inundated with an overwhelming list of tasks to complete and it is our goal to streamline your Law Practice Playbooks in Clio, as well as take many of the practice management and strategic marketing responsibilities off your plate.

Practice42 creates custom solutions specifically built and tailored to your law practice needs. We are a company where legal practice development coaching and implementation meets custom legal marketing agency.

Our Team has years of experience working with all legal drafting software. This includes software from ElderCounsel, WealthCounsel, InterActive Legal, Lawyers with a Purpose, ProDocs, Form Builder(s) and more. Let our experienced legal team help you!

This is the perfect blend of strategic services to get you the results you need. We are distinctive in that we not only identify and develop solutions for you as lawyers, but also provide practical implementation and technical know-how for each answer. You’re not alone here. Think of us as that go-to silent partner, associate, or legal assistant in your law practice, who knows what he or she is doing and is able to make a difference in your results.

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