Introducing Clio Ventures

Investing in solutions that help tailor Clio for every legal practice.

Driving innovation in legaltech is tremendously important to the team at Clio

We are excited to launch Clio Ventures—making direct equity investments in promising early stage companies and diverse founders who are advancing legaltech and creating innovative solutions that help transform the legal experience for all.

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    Building the first legal operating system

    At Clio, we’re hard at work building our own set of products that enable legal professionals to be cloud-based and client-centered. “Our focus is to continue to lead the charge in designing the future of legal,” said Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of Clio. “We’re dedicated to building the first legal operating system on the market that will improve every aspect of the legal journey and transform the legal experience for all.”

    We know there are millions of permutations and combinations of how the legal experience is delivered and consumed around the world. This depends on the jurisdiction you’re in, the area of law you practice, and the stakeholders you interact with.

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    The legal industry is wide, and varied

    Over 150,000 legal professionals use Clio to run their practices. They come in all sizes, specialize in every field of law, and each one is different. Clio solves many of their biggest problems out of the box, but every legal practice has unique needs. This is why from the beginning we created a platform approach that allows anyone to build on Clio through our APIs.

    Today, our ecosystem of over 200 apps and integrations are an important part of Clio, providing flexible solutions to help legal professionals save time, generate new business, collaborate with their team, and run their law firm more efficiently.

    Since 2018 we’ve hosted the annual Launch//Code Developer Contest that allows Clio to support the next generation of app developers as they invent unique tools and ideas to advance legal technology as we know it.

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    Building on the Clio platform by investing in exciting new tech

    This is why today, we’re announcing the launch of Clio Ventures. We’ll be making direct equity investments in promising early stage companies that are advancing legaltech and creating innovative solutions that help transform the legal experience for all.

    We believe that for legaltech to continue to innovate, we need a diverse set of voices and thoughts around the table. We’ll be looking for those voices as we grow the Clio Ventures program.

    For now, our goal is simply to help the most compelling companies building on the Clio platform. We’re focusing on building strong relationships with the developer community and enabling them to create the next generation of legaltech solutions that will be used by legal professionals globally.

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    Working together to transform the legal experience for all

    Our 200 integration partners that leverage our industry-leading API continue to build amazing businesses, and further innovation in the legaltech sector. Our vision is to see those companies become leaders in their own right, all with the Clio operating system, as opposed to against it.

    As we set out to build an enduring company that outlasts every single person at Clio, we’re taking a long term view of the space, and we believe that multiple approaches are beneficial for the ecosystem.

    In short, it’s in all of our interests to see the legal experience evolve and for legal services to become more accessible and approachable to all. We’re excited to get started!

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