Investing in Solutions That Help Transform the Legal Experience For All

Driving innovation in legaltech is tremendously important to the team at Clio. Through Clio Ventures, we’re investing in select startups that support our mission.

Clio Ventures

Investment criteria

  • Investment from institutional investors, whether as an existing investor or as a lead for the round currently being raised.
  • Early traction and indication of strong product market fit as demonstrated by at least $500k of ARR and promising customer usage metrics.
  • Demonstrated need to serve Clio’s existing or future customer base in a way that is currently not addressed by Clio.

Why partner with Clio

  • Reach

    The largest base of cloud-adopting, tech-forward legal professionals with over 150,000 customers across 100+ countries.

  • Innovation

    A true legaltech pioneer, developing the legal operating system of today—and tomorrow. Plus, the most connected platform in legal, with 200+ integration partners.

  • Community

    The most active legaltech community with the most widely-attended legaltech conference in North America; the most widely-referenced legal benchmarking report; and 650+ channel partners.

What we require (and why)

Information rights

We will be requesting that companies send financial statements to us on a quarterly basis. Since we invest directly from our balance sheet, this helps us track your progress over time.

Pro rata rights

These give us the right to participate in subsequent rounds of funding in order to maintain our ownership percentage.

Right of notification

If you get an acquisition offer from a third party, we want to know about it! This does not give us any rights for negotiation; it’s just a heads-up about the process a few days in advance.

Clio integration

Ability and willingness to build a Clio integration (in the works or plan to build).

What is Clio Ventures?

  • Clio Ventures Group Discussion

    Clio Ventures makes direct equity investments in promising early stage companies with diverse founders that are advancing legaltech—and creating innovative solutions that help transform the legal experience for all.

    Our goal is to help the most compelling legaltech companies succeed with Clio. We’re focused on building strong relationships with the developer community and enabling them to create the next generation of legaltech solutions that will be used by legal professionals globally.

    At Clio, we’re hard at work building our own set of products that enable legal professionals to be cloud-based and client-centric. We are dedicated to building the first legal operating system on the market that will improve every aspect of the legal journey.

  • Our 200+ integration partners that leverage our industry-leading API continue to build amazing businesses, and further innovation in the legaltech sector. Our vision is to see those companies become leaders in their own right, all within the Clio operating system, as opposed to against it.

    It’s in all of our best interests to see the legal experience evolve and for legal services to become more accessible and approachable to all. We hope you will join us on this journey!

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