Designing Your Law Firm’s New Normal

Test your innovative ideas for law firm success with this free e-book from Clio and legal industry expert Mike Whelan, Jr.

Designing Your Law Firm New Normal

Test before you invest—in 2 hours or less

2020 has been unpredictable and unprecedented. Many solo and small firm lawyers need to get back on their feet, but don’t know where to begin. One great idea can bring success—but a bad one can sink your firm.

How do you choose your best ideas and implement them without putting your firm at risk?

In this free e-book, Designing Your Law Firm’s New Normal by legal industry expert Mike Whelan, Jr., you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to test your ideas before you invest in them using the Legal Innovation Canvas—to make sure you’ve got a winner. Whether you want to add a new practice area or a new service offering, this e-book has what you need to make the right choice. Complete activities in the e-book, and you can test a new idea in just two hours.

What you’ll learn in
Designing Your Law Firm's New Normal

  • How to brainstorm without burning out

    Use the Double Diamond, a tried-and-true model from the design industry to come up with lots of options, and narrow down to the right idea when it counts.

  • How to stress test your idea with the Legal Innovation Canvas

    To test your potential new service idea, you need a model. The Legal Innovation Canvas will ensure you have a clear idea of who you’re serving, what you’re offering, if there’s a market, and if it will work.

  • How to check whether your idea is profitable

    Before you implement a new idea at your firm, you need to know if it’ll help drive profits. This e-book includes the models you need to quickly look at costs, revenue streams, and more to determine if you have a viable business idea.

The Legal Innovation Canvas

The Legal Innovation Canvas is a visual tool that asks hard questions of your new ideas. Based on the Business Model Canvas created by Alex Osterwalder of Strategyzer, the Legal Innovation Canvas forces you to consider who these new potential services are really for, what value they provide, whether there’s product-market fit, and how you’ll deliver them in a cost-effective way. These questions will put your ideas to the test to better define market demand, determine workable value propositions, and confirm your firm’s ability to deliver on its promises.

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