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Interpreting the 2022 Legal Trends Report with Uptime Legal

Learn the biggest takeaways from Clio’s research and how it applies to your law firm.

Upcoming Webinar Dec 14, 2022
Clio Resource

Reclaim Your Time in 2023 with Clio’s Newest Features

Watch this webinar to learn about Clio’s newest features and get your firm ready to tackle the new year

Clio Resource

Legal Tech Roundup: Tools and Services Your Firm Needs in 2023

Join this free CLE-eligible webinar for guidance on finding, selecting, and implementing the best tech solutions for your firm.

CLE Webinar Dec 13, 2022
CLE webinar

Watch How Family Law Firms Use Clio

Join this free webinar to learn how family law firms use Clio to improve profitability and proficiency.

Upcoming Webinar Dec 1, 2022
Clio Resource

2022 in Review: What's Working for Your Firm and What Isn't

Join this free CLE webinar to learn how to take a data-driven approach to assessing your firm’s health and performance.

CLE Webinar Dec 6, 2022
CLE webinar

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