CalendarRules joins the Clio family!

The CalendarRules logo with a plus sign followed by the Clio logo on a blue background. Below reads the text, "CalendarRules joins Clio!"

Clio has officially acquired CalendarRules, a company that provides automated court rules-based calendaring for law firms and powers the Court Rules feature in Clio. With Clio’s focus on helping lawyers better manage their busy schedules, the acquisition was a natural next step in the companies’ long-standing partnership.  

As the last year has transformed the legal industry, lawyers have a greater need to be able to run their practices, stay on top of their deadlines, and deliver services from anywhere. This can be challenging without the right technology in place and becomes more complex when layering on the need to navigate intricate and nuanced court systems and procedures. 

The vast majority of legal professionals believe that technology can help eliminate much of that complexity. There has been a massive increase in the adoption of cloud-based solutions to help legal operations at a firm level, and many hope to see a similar evolution within the court system as well. According to the Legal Trends Report, 89% of legal professionals believe court systems can be improved with better access to technology.

Founded in 2007 by Scott Davis, CalendarRules is improving the ways in which legal professionals navigate the court systems. The CalendarRules team stays on top of the latest versions of court rules and compiles them into rules sets for different jurisdictions and practices. Legal professionals can leverage those rules in their preferred calendar to centralize and stay on top of important deadlines, reduce legal malpractice risk, automate administrative tasks, and get peace of mind. 

Clio’s partnership with CalandarRules helps law firms manage their court deadlines—specific to jurisdictions in all 50 states—by: 

  • automatically creating calendar events based on jurisdictional court deadlines 
  • allowing firms to set up automated reminders
  • syncing court dates to calendars in Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendars

By automatically logging every event in a lawyer’s calendar, firms can be more confident about meeting every deadline while simultaneously freeing up more time to focus on their clients.

“CalendarRules has been a long-time integration partner, so we know that its ability to reduce legal malpractice risk and streamline legal work is something that our customers value,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Founder of Clio. “Bringing this functionality in-house allows us to deliver an efficient end-to-end experience for our customers and their clients.”

As part of the acquisition, Scott Davis, Founder and President of CalendarRules, will join the Clio team as General Manager of CalendarRules along with Stacy Saliman, as Director of Client Services at CalendarRules, and the entire CalendarRules support team, including the Rules Attorneys. 

“We’re thrilled to join Clio,” said Scott Davis, General Manager of CalendarRules. “As we move from partners to one team it deepens our ability to deliver the legal technology lawyers need to run a seamless practice.” 

Clio customers will still be able to rely and depend on Court Rules, the automated court rules-based calendaring functionality available in Clio Manage, and the team looks forward to creating innovative solutions law firms need for today and tomorrow.