Clio Celebrates a Decade of Legal Innovation and Success in Ireland

Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal practice management software, proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary of operations in Dublin, Ireland. This milestone underscores Clio’s commitment to transform the legal experience for all, and marks a decade of incredible growth, innovation, and partnerships across Europe.

Clio originally planted its Dublin roots in 2013, recognizing Ireland as a hub of technology and talent that would assist the company in servicing its growing European customer base. The office has since been pivotal to Clio’s global EMEA operations, contributing significantly to the development, sales, and support of products that are now used by over 150,000 legal professionals in over 100 countries.

“Dublin holds a significant place on our strategic map, serving as a vital hub for our operations. Here, we’ve encountered a rich ecosystem of exceptional talent, a thriving cultural scene, and a robust entrepreneurial spirit that has contributed to our global success,” said Ronnie Gurion, Chief Operating Officer at Clio.

Clio’s products, Clio Manage, Clio Grow, and Lawyaw, have won numerous accolades and are approved by more than 100 bar associations and law societies worldwide. Additionally, the Dublin office has also garnered several workplace awards, reflecting Clio’s dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Clio’s ten-year presence in Dublin has had a positive economic impact on the region, employing a diverse team of professionals, and has contributed to the local economy through partnerships, community service, and philanthropy. Globally, Clio employs almost 1000 people across five office hub locations.

The Dublin office plays a crucial role in developing products and services aimed at making legal services more accessible. The company plans to continue to expand its Dublin team, invest in local talent, and continue contributing to Ireland’s legal tech ecosystem.

“We at IDA Ireland are elated to celebrate Clio’s 10-year anniversary in Ireland. Clio’s commitment to innovation and excellence not only elevates Ireland’s reputation as a global tech hub but also fosters economic growth and creates valuable opportunities for our community. Their journey over the past decade serves as a testament to the synergistic relationship between foreign investment and local talent,” commented Michael Lohan, CEO, IDA Ireland, in support.