Clio Delivers its Highly Anticipated Personal Injury Law Solution for Lawyers and Multi-Practice Firms

With over 50,000 personal injury law firms in the United States, Clio focuses on a substantial, yet overlooked segment of the legal market

Clio’s new suite of features cater to the distinct workflows, procedures, and requirements intrinsic to personal injury law


Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, is revolutionizing how legal professionals work with a new end-to-end solution designed for law firms with personal injury practices. This highly anticipated solution is built on the legal industry’s most widely used cloud-based legal practice management software, Clio Manage, and addresses the distinct workflows, procedures, and requirements intrinsic to personal injury law. 

This launch marks Clio’s first practice-specific customization, delivering technology to meet the needs of 50,000 personal injury law firms across the United States. It also serves an unmet demand for personal injury lawyers to work seamlessly on a centralized cloud-based platform within larger, multi-practice firms. 

“For too long personal injury lawyers have compromised on what they need from their technology partners—resulting in complex workflows, poor efficiency, and substandard user experiences,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Founder of Clio. “That all changes today with our new suite of features specifically designed for personal injury lawyers. I can’t wait to see the resulting impact of practices that are run more efficiently, profitably, and true to the client-centric approach that Clio is known for.”

Personal injury lawyers can now leverage the many benefits of Clio’s new feature suite, including: 

  • Maximized settlements through quick and informed negotiation and decisioning
    • Remove the need for manual calculations and ensure a case is profitable by running settlement estimates in Clio
  • Management of medical records with ease
    • Organize medical records and bills by provider and set automated reminders to ensure all necessary information is entered and recorded
  • Accelerated disbursement of recovery proceeds
    • Accurately track costs, including damages, medical and non-medical liens, and fees to distribute settlement funds quickly

Personal injury lawyers have distinct technology needs in legal practice management

There are over 50,000 personal injury law firms in the United States with distinct procedures and requirements from those of other legal practices. Personal injury lawyers don’t operate on the industry’s dominant billable hour model, instead, they only get paid if they win or settle a case. Given that the average case can take up to a year to resolve*, these firms oversee a steady influx of clients to maintain the firms’ cash flow. Managing multiple long term cases at varying litigation stages necessitates specific case management workflows that include organized task and deadline management specific to personal injury law.

Personal injury law firms also have specific legal obligations and procedures around medical record keeping and documents, expense tracking, and receiving payments from other law firms. They require secure, compliant software to store and process personal health information in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The majority of practice management solutions fall short of the full scope of needs for law firm operations and compliance, and as a result, personal injury law firms have to adjust their processes to fit into broad legal solutions, or form complex tech stacks to meet their operational and regulatory needs—until now.

A new, optimized work experience for personal injury lawyers

Clio aims to eliminate operational barriers for personal injury firms, helping them manage large caseloads, fulfill unique legal processes, and meet their legal obligations, all while enabling them to expand their bandwidth to take on more cases—freeing up time to focus on legal work. This new suite of features improves internal communication efforts while maintaining alignment around centralized medical bills, records, notes, client costs, and settlement data.  

Clio’s Personal Injury Add-On also offers intuitive workflows around medical record tracking and settlement disbursements, further simplifying work, optimizing operations and maximizing settlements for clients. It enables personal injury firms to meet their obligations to their clients under the privacy rule by securely storing and processing personal health information in compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

“Personal injury law is highly competitive, and the lawyers who understand how to get their technology to work for them are the ones who will emerge from the pack,” said Robert T. Simon, Founder and Partner at Simon Law Group, a top personal injury firm in California. “Clio isn’t just a tool, it’s a catalyst for law firm success. Yes, they have delivered the solutions we need to become more efficient, profitable, and client focused, but it’s now a matter of leveraging every advantage this technology offers to run a stronger, more profitable practice.”  

Creating cohesion for the multi-practice law firm

This launch marks a key milestone in Clio’s vision for building a harmonized platform to serve multi-practice firms. The solution will make it easier for firms with multiple practice areas to operate and succeed on a central platform—including the thousands of personal injury lawyers that already use Clio’s core practice management product, Clio Manage. Various permission settings are a key part of this innovative collaborative model. Only users with Clio’s Personal Injury Add-On will see medical records, damages, and settlements that are pertinent to their matters, making it easy for multi-practice firms to work with the technology that best suits their individual team needs.

“We’ve heard time and again from customers that having all functionality in one place makes a big difference to the overall efficiency of running a law firm,” said Hemant Kashyap, Clio’s Chief Product Officer. “And we know this is especially true for firms with multiple practice areas. With practice-specific solutions in Clio Manage, multi-practice firms are able to centralize their client intake, firm reporting, payments infrastructure and more, utilizing the full extent of the Clio platform. This launch is as much about the operational efficiency of those firms as it is about maximizing settlement outcomes for their clients.”

Clio’s focused investment into personal injury practice

The launch of Clio’s Personal Injury Add-On comes on the heels of recent innovations and investments from Clio to better support personal injury lawyers. Launched in August 2023, Google’s Local Services Ads for Clio is an innovative legal marketing solution designed to transform how lawyers grow their law firms. For the first time, lawyers can easily promote their firm on Google Search, capture leads from nearby residents, and manage their advertising spend with Google Ads directly in their practice management software. Personal injury lawyers vastly outspend all other practice areas in marketing and advertising, making this feature a compelling and readily available solution in Clio Grow.

Earlier in June, Clio also announced its investment in EvenUp, a legaltech company leveraging technology and AI to level the playing field in personal injury cases, empowering personal injury lawyers and victims to get the justice they deserve. Powered by millions of records, EvenUp turns medical documents and case files into AI-driven demand packages for personal injury lawyers. Along with the investment, Clio added EvenUp into its large and robust application ecosystem, comprising more than 250+ app integration partners. 

“We aim to maximize the value of Clio for our customers, digging deeper into the nuances of their practice area and solving operational hurdles with a frictionless experience,” continued Newton. “Delivering this important suite of features to personal injury lawyers is a keystone to our wider investment in this sector. We are committed to serving as the technology of choice to personal injury lawyers, ensuring we continue to meet their evolving needs.”

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