Clio Ventures Invests in Legaltech Startup EvenUp to Close the Justice Gap


EvenUp, which enables personal injury lawyers and victims to get more equitable settlements for their cases, marks Clio Ventures’ third investment

Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, today announced its investment in EvenUp, a legaltech company that uses technology and AI to level the playing field in personal injury cases, empowering personal injury lawyers and victims to get the justice they deserve. 

Clio joins Bessemer Venture Partners and Bain Capital in investing in EvenUp’s $50.5M Series B funding round. This financing event is the second investment for Clio Ventures in 2023, following Steno, a legaltech company transforming legal support services, last month. 

“Our goal in launching Clio Ventures is to identify and support companies who are developing innovative technology that aligns with Clio’s mission of improving the legal process and increasing access to justice for all,” said Shubham Datta, Vice President of Corporate Development at Clio. “EvenUp’s mission to close the justice gap for personal injury victims through technology is incredibly innovative. We’re excited to welcome EvenUp to our ecosystem and offer Clio customers access to its game-changing technology to ensure all lawyers and victims have equitable access to justice.” 

EvenUp is on a mission to close the justice gap using technology and AI. By enabling personal injury lawyers and victims to get fair and equitable settlements for their cases, the company is ensuring equal access to justice for all. Currently, more than 200 law firms use EvenUp and the company processes over 1,000 demands per month. As a result, EvenUp has helped lawyers and victims claim more than $350M in damages to date. 

Clio’s investment in EvenUp marks the sixth major investment in promising legal technology in the past five years. Prior to Clio’s investment in Steno in May 2023, the company also invested in Proof, an on-demand platform that serves court documents, in March 2022. Clio also acquired CalendarRules and Lawyaw in 2021 to automate arduous and error-prone aspects of the legal process, and Lexicata—now Clio Grow—in 2018 to facilitate client intake in practice management. 

“Clio hosts the legal industry’s largest and most robust application ecosystem,” said Datta. “Our recent investments and acquisitions have further extended our ability to deliver technology solutions at every point of the legal journey to benefit our customers, their clients, and our application partners.”

Clio Ventures makes direct equity investments into promising early-stage companies with diverse founders that are advancing legaltech and creating innovative solutions that help transform the legal experience for all. Thanks to strong relationships with the legaltech developer community, Clio is fuelling the next generation of legaltech solutions that will be used by more than 150,000 cloud-based, client-centric legal professionals globally.

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